Developer Tools (SDK)

Integrate SEC Publisher in Your Application

We offer SEC Publisher SDK, a set of programming APIs you can use in embedding SEC Publisher capabilities in your workflow. SEC Publisher SDK is the convenient way to programmatically access SEC Publisher's functions, giving you the ability to maximize efficiency in a way that no prepackaged software can

Features and Benefits

If you know who your Account Executive is, please contact him/her for information about SEC Publisher SDK. You can also call us at 408-557-0230 or email us at for assistance.

Case Studies

With over a decade of experience in highly-competitive government-sponsored research and commercial product development projects, BCL Technologies is the expert on creating applications with unusual Document Processing requirements.

“This new business process and effective implementation of technology improves the quality and shareholder friendliness of disclosure documents while intelligently automating the process required for SEC filings.” - Kamal Bhatia, First Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation

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