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How do I create a new filing?

To create a brand new filing, click “New Filing” in the bottom-left menu.

new filing

You will then see a new window that will let you name your new filing, among other important details:

new filing window

Follow the following steps in order to successfully create a new filing:

  1. Name the filing you will be working in. Make sure that this filing name doesn’t have any commas, or else you will run into problems later.
  2. Click the “Choose File” button to select your EDGARized HTML or Word document for conversion
  3. Enter the company’s ticker symbol
  4. Enter the company’s CIK number
  5. Enter the company’s URL  (Note: the SEC only accepts URLs without anything after the suffix, such as .com. For example, would NOT work, while would work.)
  6. Enter your company’s Fiscal Year End by clicking on the calendar picture and selecting the correct date
  7. Select the currency that your filing will be dealing with in the drop down menu.
  8. Click the “OK” button to begin the conversion.

You should now have a new filing containing the converted XBRL file.



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   Thank you for helping us with our 1st XBRL filing. You went above and beyond our expectations.  We would not have been able to file on time if it weren’t for you.
- Dena, Magnum Group