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How do I edit tags and period types in the Stockholders Equity Statement?

Some filings have an optional stockholders equity statement, in addition to their income statement, balance sheet, and other statements. The stockholders equity statement looks slightly different from the rest of these statements.

stockholders equity statement window

In this statement, each label on the left side of the screen has a range of dates that can be changed, and each column has tags that can be selected.

In order to change the tag in each of the columns, just click on the drop down menu. This will allow you to pick a new tag.

stockholders equity column tag example

In order to change the range of dates for each row in the table, just click one of the text boxes and type in a new date. For rows that represent an instant period type, just enter the same date in both boxes.

instant duration example

For rows that represent a duration period type, enter a range of dates (i.e. two entirely different dates).

period duration example


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