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I am getting "Failed to Update´ message?

Follow the steps below to solve the problem

  1. Go to "C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\BCL SECPublisher" and find a file named "".

  2. Find a folder called "STARTUP" under:

    1. Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\
    2. Win7: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Microsoft\Word\ --> Note: AppData is a hidden folder.
    3. If there is no STARTUP folder, then skip to step 4.

  3. Copy and paste "" into the STARTUP folder from C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\BCL SECPublisher\ (see step 1)

  4. Browse to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX*\STARTUP\ and copy "" there.

    Note: "OfficeXX" Depending on what version of Office they have:
    • Office10 for Word 2002
    • Office11 for Word 2003
    • Office12 for Word 2007
    • Office14 for Word 2010

  5. Launch MSWord and go to option "COMs Addin"
  6. For MSWord 2003:

    1. Click Tools > Customize...
    2. Click "Command" tab and click "Tools" on the left panel
    3. Click and Drag "Coms Addin" on the right panel to top "Menu Bar".
    4. Exit and Click "Coms addin" and Click "Add" button from COMs Addin windows to add "C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\BCL SECPublisher\SECPublisherAddin\SECPublisherAddin.dll"

    For MSWord 2007/2010:

    1. Click the "Windows" button on top left corner and Click "Word options".
    2. Click "Adds-in" on the left panel
    3. Choose "Coms Addin" and click "Go"

  7. Close MSWord and reopen to make sure nothing wrong in MSWord.

  8. Close MSWord again and run SEC Publisher.




SEC Publisher is so user-friendly, I was preparing filings on the first day I received it.  It was very easy to learn and when I did have a question, the customer service response was timely and easy to understand.  Thanks!

  - Penny Graham,
Calvert Investments
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