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What does the "SEC Standard R Tags and Remove Existing Ones" button do?


When converting a Word document with Track Changes enabled, SEC Publisher will initially place Revision Tags (R-Tags) around each change in the EDGAR HTML document. This is convenient for reviewing the converted document to ensure the changes are reflected; however, the SEC requires the R-Tags at the paragraph level, thus the entire paragraph should be tagged as revised if there are any changes within the paragraph.

To facilitate this, a new option has been added (starting with SEC Publisher, which will search the entire document for R-Tags, removing the R-Tags within a paragraph, and replacing them with R-Tags around the entire paragraph. The same is true for tables, R-Tags within a table will be removed, and replaces with R-Tags around the entire table. This option is available in the SEC Publishers EDGAR HTML Editor, “Insert”, “SEC Standard R Tags and Remove Existing Ones.”



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