Improved HTML Editor

SEC Publisher 6.0 now comes with a ruler in its HTML Editor. This allows you to change indentations, table margin and column widths by simply dragging the markers on the ruler. Paired with the dotted vertical guideline, you can easily align tables, lists and paragraphs to achieve the perfect layout.

Enhanced MS Word Import

The MS Word Import has been improved with these new features:

  • Convert the whole document as a single page.
  • Convert lists to tables.
  • Convert headers and footers to tables.
  • Split tables that span multiple pages.

Improved Conversion Quality and Stability

Regardless of how badly formatted the files are; what the file types are; and how large the files are, SEC Publisher can help you to EDGARize and file your documents in a stress-free and timely fashion. SEC Publisher's user interface makes it easy to quickly convert the files and transmit directly to SEC.

BCL SEC Publisher 6.0 generates SEC/EDGAR-compliant HTML and ASCII directly from PDF , Word , Excel , PowerPoint , Visio and other document formats. Since SEC Publisher can process PDF files directly without their source files, you can use SEC Publisher to EDGARize any files that you can convert to PDF. Examples include but are not limited to PageMaker, Frame Maker, QuarkXPress, Crystal Reports, etc. This allows you to EDGARize virtually any file that you come across.