Key Features

Seamless Interoperability with MS Word


Prepare and Make Major Changes Directly in MS Word

Leverage MS Word's familiar interface to prepare and make major changes to your filing documents. Watch Demo


Direct Import of Word

Word document is added with a little touch up. No Copy and Paste necessary. View conversion samples.


Export EDGAR HTML Documents Back to Word for Proofing

Export your work back to MS Word format for easy reviewing and proofing. Watch Demo

Improved Table Handling


Handle Un-Formatted Tables

Automatically convert un-formatted tables to properly formatted tables in Word using our macro. Watch Demo


Handle Financial Tables

Automatically convert HTML tables into HTML financial tables.


Handle Embedded Excel Tables

Handle embedded Excel tables better.

Adding Documents



Users can add multiple documents.


Import All Other Documents

Users can import any document without Copy and Paste. View conversion samples.


Copy and Paste from Word

Small changes can be copied from Word.


Convert to EDGAR-Compliant HTML

The EDGAR code is completely valid. No post conversion is necessary. View conversion samples.




It's easy to use. Everything is validated automatically. Learn more.


Page Oriented Editing

Enables faster operation.


Edit Native HTML

Experienced users can tweak HTML code.


Spell Checker

It corrects spelling mistakes in the Editor.


Financial Table Formatter

It can easily format tables for filling.


Customizable Table Template

Applies consistent formatting to tables.


Copy and Paste between documents

Contents between the documents are shared easily.


Copy and Paste from Word

Parts of Word documents can be easily copied and pasted.



Checks HTML for EDGAR Compliance

Accurate Filing.


Descriptive Validation  Error Messages

Allows you to quickly fix errors.



Integrated Filing

Allows you to file without leaving SEC Publisher.


Filing Proof

You can view what filing will look like on SEC web site.


Mix and Match Documents

You can decide which documents to include in filing.



Share Filing Tasks with a Group of People

Enables quick preparation of large filings. Learn more.



SEC Publisher is so user-friendly, I was preparing filings on the first day I received it.  It was very easy to learn and when I did have a question, the customer service response was timely and easy to understand.  Thanks!

  - Penny Graham,
Calvert Investments
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Video Tutorials

Watch how easy it is to use SEC Publisher for your next filing projects

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SEC Publisher is the EDGARizing software of choice for leading:

SEC Publisher gives us the freedom to use a wide variety of different document formats and it exports simple, yet highly effective SEC-Compliant HTML"

  - Jesse Schooff,
Automated Filing Services, Inc.


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