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Complete your SEC Filing in 3 easy steps

SEC Publisher allows you to create EDGAR-compliant filings from virtually any document format with minimal touch up and editing. This allows you to file to the SEC quickly and easily from one application at a cost-effective price.


How Does It Work?

3 easy steps 1. Add Documents 2. Touch Up and Validate 3. File to SEC

1. Add Any Document

Convert any documents to EDGAR HTML & ASCII

SEC Publisher will convert virtually any document to EDGAR-compliant HTML. This allows you to create filings quickly without the knowledge of EDGAR HTML. View Conversion Samples.

  > Re-use EDGAR HTML documents that have been published to any website, including the SEC website. Watch Demo


  Learn more... Automatically convert un-formatted tables to properly formatted tables in Word using our macro. Watch Demo


2. Touch Up & Validate

Edit EDGAR HTML using the built-in editors or export it back to Word

SEC Publisher allows you to touch up, modify the EDGAR HTML with a WYSIWYG editor. SEC Publisher will even allow you to edit the HTML code and the validation will help you make sure that your code modifications are EDGAR-compliant.

  > Export your EDGAR HTML back to MS Word format if you need to do major editing. Watch Demo


3. File to SEC

File from within SEC Publisher

SEC Publisher has the capabilities to file both Live and Test filings. Making last minute filing is also a breeze as you can easily add or delete documents to the filing, all from within SEC Publisher. Learn more...


SEC Publisher is so user-friendly, I was preparing filings on the first day I received it.  It was very easy to learn and when I did have a question, the customer service response was timely and easy to understand.  Thanks!

  - Penny Graham,
Calvert Investments
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Watch how easy it is to use SEC Publisher for your next filing projects

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SEC Publisher is the EDGARizing software of choice for leading:

SEC Publisher gives us the freedom to use a wide variety of different document formats and it exports simple, yet highly effective SEC-Compliant HTML"

  - Jesse Schooff,
Automated Filing Services, Inc.


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